Sarah Getoff, M.Ed.

How do I know if my child is depressed? Need a time-out from time-outs? Wish you could talk to your wife? Tired of your kids fighting? Arguing, again, with your spouse?

EFT, Couples and Parental Counseling

Sarah Getoff’s view on working as a therapist is simple:

“I love being a therapist for the same reason that I love being a gardener. I’m inspired by the inherent desire of every living being to grow and to blossom.”

Sarah has a psychotherapy practice in Northampton, MA, and is a consultant on parenting and marital issues as well, drawing on her master’s degree in education, her training as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and her over-20 years of experience. She helps people of all ages to improve their relationships, their work and their lives. She is warm, open and sensitive.

By identifying the root causes of her clients’ difficulties, she can work with individuals and couples to deal with blocks to happiness and financial success as well as to overcome depression, anxiety, grief and other concerns.

Sarah specializes in parenting issues, individual therapy, couples counseling and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In her role as a consultant to parents and educators, she offers private consultations as well as workshops and staff trainings. Some of Sarah’s parenting workshops are available on CD.

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